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Blue Economy Incubation and Commercialization

  • Developing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Incubate Faculty and Student-Created Companies
  • Entrepreneur Network Development
  • Investor Community Access

How do you successfully commercialize technology?
Who do you need on your team?
Where do you start and what are the steps?

Understanding the issues, and planning in advance for the many all-too predictable bumps in the road can make the difference between having had  a good idea and fielding a viable commercial product the market will support. These are the kinds of issues the IPI team can help you think through.  We have been management team members and advisors to university incubation programs. But, perhaps even more importantly, we have also been entrepreneurs who have successfully commercialized technology ourselves.  University-related incubation programs?  Sure, we do that…feasibility studies, incubation program design, manager training, it’s all part of the package, and, we’ll help you figure out how to support it financially.

Proven Track Record of Success: