Barbara Harley

Our IPI Team

Barbara Harley, of the Harley Consulting Group, is one of the most experienced business incubation consultants in the industry. Barbara was the founder and Executive Director of the International Business Incubator, a well-known Silicon Valley institution in San Jose, CA. Her experiences internationally included training and evaluation of incubation programs around the world, but of particular interest are her experiences with the “InWEnt” organization representing the Federal Republic of Germany. This included providing training in “Day to Day Management of a Business Incubator” in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; and “Capacity Building for Feasibility Studies of Technology Business Incubators” in Manila, Cebu, Davao, in the Philippines; and at Bandung and Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Barbara has been an IC2 Research Institute Fellow since 2000 and Vice President of the Science Park and Innovation Center Experts Group since 2001. She is the author of “Promoting Innovation and Technology: Development Guidelines for Technology Business Incubators”, recently published by the InWEnt Group.