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Ingrid is an accomplished business incubation veteran with exceptional experience in providing feasibility, development, and management support for clean technology, ICT and general technology incubators and innovation centers for national and international organizations and governments.

A hands-on incubator expert, Ingrid is currently Executive Director of CleanStart, a clean technology incubation program in Sacramento, California and the McClellan Technology Incubator. CleanStart organizes and operates the CleanTech Showcase for stimulating early stage companies to provide next generation clean, renewable and efficient technology. It created and hosted PowerSurge; the regions first clean tech business plan competition.

Ingrid’s experience and expertise in the international business development arena is equally strong. She pioneered the first international business incubator as co-founder of the International Business Incubator (IBI) in Silicon Valley and served as Managing Director. IBI provided significant economic impact including 603 international businesses established; 2,546 jobs created; 25,451 visiting international delegates received; 246 student internships managed; and, $89,649,672 estimated spending by inbound companies. She managed 200 internships as part of an international internship program.

Ingrid provided leadership for a program bringingforeign delegations to the US hosting over 3,000 delegates from government, academia and private industry. She also developed and implemented high tech business and cultural exchange programsrelocating, training, acculturatingand advising approximately 100 engineers from Asia, India and Europe per yearas a manager for a major US company.

Recently, Ingrid performed a feasibility study and developed the business plan for an Innovation Center in Morocco for a USAID African project in alignment with President Obama’s Global Engagement Initiative for entrepreneurship and innovation. She developed a model of sustainable and replicable ICT incubators for developing countries in Africa for the World Bank as a senior member of the IPI team.

Ingrid is highly recognized as an industry leader with extensive experience in business incubation and innovation center development including participation in the following projects:

Gauteng, South Africa Chilean Economic Development (CORFO)
CleanStart Korean Software Incubator (now called iPark)
Belgium’s Walifornia Center Scottish Technology and Research Center (STAR)
India InfoTech Center Singapore’s Gateway @ Silicon Valley
Norway Business Café (Japanese for-profit incubator)
US-Japan Business Incubation Center (JETRO)

Ingrid is fluent in French, Spanish and English.