Rutgers Business Innovation Center

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From Mack Truck to High Tech, for Rutgers University, IPI designed, built and successfully managed the Rutgers Business Innovation Center in a factory building where chassis once rolled down the line. Buildings like this exist all over America. What was unique was the willingness of the University, the building owner (an architect) and a university-owned commercialization company to work together to put in place an incubation program that served faculty, student, alumni, and other local technology entrepreneurs.  From 30,000 sq. ft. of former manufacturing space with twelve-inch concrete floors, IPI was able to build wet labs, construct a USDA certified kitchen, teach a course in incubator management to a group of Eastern European prospective incubator managers, and nurture the development needs of a variety of software and other technology companies. Rutgers BIC clients created jobs, obtained capital, and developed new technologies with our guidance.