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Our services

Blue Economy Incubation

Strategic planning for Blue Economy incubation programs Understanding the many facets of Blue Tech and how they integrate Entrepreneur Network Development – mentoring, networking, training Investor Community Access – competitions and venture fairs Developing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Understanding the issues and proper planning for the many all-too predictable bumps in the road can make the […]

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Public-Private Partnerships

Cluster Development Technology Driven Initiatives Diversify Local Economy Create Employment Expand Tax Base Partnership is what we’re all about. We often hear the words public-private partnership but we seldom stop to think about what these words really mean. Our definition? The partnership must result in a public benefit, driven by both the public and private

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Global Development

Capacity Building for the Blue Economy Focus on ICT and Clean and Green Tech Employment Creation Sustainable Incubator Models SME/SMME Growth Innovative Partner Incubation is globally focused. We recognize that a strong local presence is fundamental in addressing the requirements of our clients. Our approach is to work closely with local partners in developing and

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Technology Entrepreneurship

Creating Advisory Boards Securing Early Stage Investment Coaching and Mentoring Business Acceleration Venture Evaluation Are you a technology entrepreneur? Are you a serial entrepreneur or a newbie? What’s your plan to move your innovation from the lab bench to the market? How can we help? We have been asking these questions for more than twenty

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